Vignettes of teaching, teachers’ experiences to share… These are some strategies and ideas that may resonate and work for you and your child.

Webinar – Screening of children with Learning Disabilities by

Dr Reena Ryall on April 17th 2021

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Jayashree Rajanahalli

What is the right time for Remedial Intervention for students with learning difficulties? What is the process for identification, diagnosis, evaluation , assessment of children with learning difficulties?

This podcast by Ms Jayashree Rajanahalli gives us an insight into these questions and a lot more

Dr.Gayathri Krishna and Janaki Narayan

On the eve of the International day of Disabilities, Dr Gayathri Krishna and Janaki  Narayan spoke to some Bangaloreans  about Brindavan’s journey and the emerging landscape in special needs. Janaki  spoke from the perspective of a parent and a Special Educator while Gayathri explained about the paradigm shift that is required from the community and policy makers to make inclusion a reality.

By Rekha Kedia,
Junior Centre

Much as we teachers try to keep the children relaxed, somewhere, somehow, most of the children do begin to feel anxious. How do we make them feel easy and help them learn in a fun way ? Here  is a...
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By Malini Kannur,
Junior Centre

Most of our children with SEN need explicit teaching in reading and spelling. This is a comprehensive spelling approach adopted to teach two children in the age group of 10-11 years The approach included: Building positive attitude and interest towards...
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By Rajani Padmanabhan,
Junior Centre

An important part of learning is application of learnt knowledge. As a teacher, specially one who adores math, I notice that children find it hard to extend concepts learnt in a math class to the real world. I also notice...
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By Veena Venkataramu,
Coordinator, Senior Centre

The annotate option, available in some online teaching platforms, can be successfully used in online teaching to ensure active student participation. Students get to annotate on the white board either simultaneously or one by one as called upon by the...
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By Amrita Bhashyam,
Coordinator, Prevocational Centre

Art plays an important role in enriching children’s learning and educational experiences. Learning through the art can engage and inspire children, support key educational outcomes and develop skills that prepare a child for life beyond school. Art enhances creativity and...
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