Rekha Kedia,
(Junior Centre)

Much as we teachers try to keep the children relaxed, somewhere, somehow, most of the children do begin to feel anxious. How do we make them feel easy and help them learn in a fun way ?

Here  is a strategy that was tried out as revision in the online classes and worked very well!. As homework, children were asked to revise a lesson and all worksheets based on that lesson.

In the online class,  each child was allotted 5 minutes to play the role of the English teacher. The child had to ask questions to his/her peers. Children who knew the answer would raise their hands.  The ‘child teacher’ would pick a child to answer and  decide if the answer was correct. The other kids could also have their say in adding on to the answer ,or pointing out an error. This worked beautifully as —

1. Each child paid rapt attention to the question being asked and answer being said , so they could point out errors. 🙂 and in the process active revision took place.

2. The child doing the role play as the teacher, felt extremely responsible,  keeping in mind that all children got a chance to answer.

3. Each child wanted to play the role to the best of his/her ability and came well prepared from home .

4. Some children were shy at first , but after the initial awkwardness in the first minute, were confidently asking questions.

*In response to a question asked , one child answered, “The father was unable to recognise the aunts because they were covered with cardigans and shawls.” Within seconds another child quipped – “ No ma’am , wrong answer… father was unable to recognise aunts  because they were huddled and buried under cardigans and shawls.”

There were many such fun moments. 🙂