About Us

About Us

Vision, Mission & Values

Our programs have grown from working with children to working with adults, from individuals to communities, from knowledge acquisition to skill training, from difficulties to coping skills and to success. And with an ongoing commitment from exclusion to inclusion. The Brindavan community today has over a hundred full time and part time professionally trained people working on dedicated programs.


Our vision is to help children, young adults, and their communities understand their rights and abilities. We seek to prepare and challenge them for the real world and aid them in reaching their potential and achieve sustainable employment. Our focus is to also guide them to tread the path of higher education and training, and to instill collective passion and motivation in our students to reach their goals.


Our mission is to:

  • Identify specific needs, and to prepare our students to choose and pursue their paths of success
  • Promote and guide student achievement in a manner consistent with their abilities and interests
  • Work toward shared goals in a supportive and flexible environment
  • Value individual difference and provide compatible learning opportunities


At Brindavan, it is our collective responsibility to:

  • Align student needs to curricular expectations for tangible results and growth
  • Provide high-standard education for all students accounting for educational differences
  • Support inclusion in the general education classroom, community, and society
  • Be responsible and committed in a manner consistent with our goals of successful skill development, community support and creating awareness


We believe all children have the ability to learn. Brindavan offers specific goals and programs for children to ensure successful skill training, school completion, and prevocational skill-building. These programs are provided in a holistic setting that includes social, emotional, and behavioural support. Brindavan also provides community support and consultancy for creating awareness. We help in setting up inclusive practices for children with special education needs in schools and learning centres.









Founder trustee and director
A fellow founder trustee

Our Team

Ikigai, the Japanese word means life’s purpose. Finding ones’ life’s purpose,
requires one to start thinking about the alignment of ones’ passion, mission, profession, and vocation.


Brindavan has found its Ikigai as an organisation. We have passionate teachers who work towards a mission of inclusion.
They have selflessly made this their profession and we at Brindavan have realised that there
is a real need for this collective effort in this world.

Rajani Padmanabhan
Head, Program Development & Academic Coordinator for all Centres and Programs
Veena Venkataramu
Senior Mentor/ Consultant Jaynagar/ JP Nagar
Sheela Kamath
Senior Mentor, Coordinator PSG, Counsellor
Vijaya Mahadevan
Anitha Yadalam
Coordinator ASR Jayanagar
Jayashree A Rajanahally
Coordinator ASR Jayanagar
Janaki Narendra
Coordinator Admin/ Finance/ Assessments
Anitha Satish
Senior Manager/Office & Administration
Malathy Krishnan
Coordinator, Jayanagar Centre/PSG
Pushpa Rao
Coordinator JP Nagar Centre
Malini Kannur
Joint Coordinator, FGL, Jaynagar Centre
Usha Malyala
Coordinator Brindavan Online
Jayashree Kowshik
Jt Coordinator, Training.
Amrita Bhashyam
Joint coordinator digital literacy/social media
Vaishali Patwardhan
Resource consultant
Lalitha Iyer
Resource consultant/ program head food and nutrition
Bhargavi Ravinder
Resource consultant
Clara D’Silva
Resource consultant
Chinmayi. G. J
Resource consultant
Rekha Kedia
Resource consultant
Sailaja Nair
Resource consultant
Srividhya S
Resource consultant
Uma Rajanahally
Resource consultant
Pratibha Gopal
Resource consultant
Asha Raju
Resource consultant
Gowri Shanmugam
Resource consultant
Kalpana Kumar
Resource consultant
Sandhya Jagadish
Resource consultant
Shanty Sriram
Resource consultant
Veda Mithun
Resource consultant
Uma Ganapathi
Resource consultant
Alka Deshpande
Resource consultant
Shashi Govindaswamy
Resource consultant
Vidya Arun
Resource Consultant
Ramya Chandrashekhar
Resource consultant
Chitra Neelagandan
Resource consultant
Shwetha Prashanth
Resource consultant
Bhavani Narayan
Resource consultant
Uthara Ramakrishnan
Resource consultant

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