Our programs have grown from working with children to working with adults, from individuals to communities, from knowledge acquisition to skill training, from difficulties to coping skills and to success. And with an ongoing commitment… from exclusion to inclusion. The Brindavan community today has over a hundred full time and part time professionally trained people working on dedicated programs.


Our vision is to help children, young adults, and their communities understand their rights and abilities. We seek to prepare and challenge them for the real world and aid them in reaching their potential and achieve sustainable employment. Our focus is to also guide them to tread the path of higher education and training, and to instill collective passion and motivation in our students to reach their goals.


Our mission is to:

  • Identify specific needs, and to prepare our students to choose and pursue their paths of success
  • Promote and guide student achievement in a manner consistent with their abilities and interests
  • Work toward shared goals in a supportive and flexible environment
  • Value individual difference and provide compatible learning opportunities


At Brindavan, it is our collective responsibility to:

  • Align student needs to curricular expectations for tangible results and growth
  • Provide high-standard education for all students accounting for educational differences
  • Support inclusion in the general education classroom, community, and society
  • Be responsible and committed in a manner consistent with our goals of successful skill development, community support and creating awareness.


We believe all children have the ability to learn.Brindavan offers specific goals and programs for children to ensure successful skill training, school completion, and prevocational skill-building. These programs are provided in a holistic setting that includes social, emotional, and behavioural support.Brindavan also provides community support and consultancy for creating awareness. We help in setting up inclusive practices for children with special education needs in schools and learning centres.


Roopa Shivkumar
Roopa Shivkumar

MSc in Child Development, Diploma in SLD.
Dignity. Integrity. Hard work.
Qualities that never grow old fashioned.

Roopa was one of the pioneers for inclusive education in Bangalore.
In the mid-eighties, she was already the Head of the very first resource room which was set up to support children with SLD in mainstream education. She earned her expertise through field experience and tutelage under Mrs. Krishnaswamy, one of the pioneers of special needs education.

In 1993, she realized that not enough awareness and support were available to children in the mainstream, consequently partnered with Gayathri Krishna to set up Brindavan. This was one of the earliest initiatives in Bangalore to support children with severe difficulties on the SLD continuum and other special educational needs.
A mentor to many generations of special needs educators and support to a vast number of parents and children. Roopa was kind, gentle, empathetic to faults, and never compromised on commitment and quality.

Her legacy and philosophy live on at Brindavan.

Gayathri Krishna
Gayathri Krishna

PhD in Education and Psychology from J.N.U
Dynamic. Compassionate.

Gayathri shared the belief that inclusion was a rare phenomenon in the nineties despite there being a law that recognized the same. A lack of basic skill training for children, identifying differences and supporting it in the mainstream, a lack of awareness and un-trained teachers were the factors that led to a serendipitous meeting with Roopa and a decision to set up Brindavan trust, where a child’s potential was recognized and could be matched with success, and that happened in 1993 June.

The primary area of interest was to work on inclusion and Gayathri has led Brindavan to help set up over 20 resource rooms in mainstream schools as well as innumerable training programs and workshops. Philosophy of quality and empathy and a long term focus on being fully committed to positive results is still the goal.
Gayathri is the founder trustee and director at Brindavan.

Kusuma Narayana Murthy
Kusuma Narayana Murthy

Degree in Mathematics
Super creative, child-focused.

What started out as a volunteering position rapidly turned into becoming a specialist in math difficulties, an author of math resources, a teacher trainer by precept and a fellow founder trustee at Brindavan. Kusuma is a very quiet, intense and dedicated teacher and trustee, who, in addition to teaching math through intense, structured and sequential methods, is also focused on realizing her dream of actualizing talents and capacities through pre-vocational and vocational training. Dogged, patient and soft spoken, she is a mentor of the prevocational program.