Malini Kannur,
(Junior Centre)

Most of our children with SEN need explicit teaching in reading and spelling. This is a comprehensive spelling approach adopted to teach two children in the age group of 10-11 years

The approach included:

  • Building positive attitude and interest towards spelling. 
  • Strengthening of the letter-sound association.  This was done through various activities that included VAKT (Visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile) method, tracing, air writing, clay modelling and sand writing. 
  • Random-access memory was enhanced through random access naming.   Reinforcing random access memory helped to support the short-term memory and to an extent long term memory.
  • Reinforcement of auditory perception and memory was done through various activities like dictation, ‘onsite and rime’, segmenting and blending of sounds and mapping.  Using of the tool ‘Toobaloo’ helped children to perceive the discrete sounds in a word. 
  • Reinforcement of visual perception and memory was made using flash cards, large font size and colours to represent discrete letters in a word. 
  • A great deal of emphasis was given to visualization of words through different child-friendly strategies and games.

Forming patters for words, analyzing words through word study helped children to develop automaticity. Memorising phonic rules with ample sample and practice helped to internalize the rules and develop automaticity.