Students were given the words farm and skyscraper, and they had to weave a story around it.

The poor family had nothing but a farm where they kept their most prized possessions. These were a simple herd of goats, some cattle, pigs, chickens and a single cat. The farm was in the outskirts of the village where they lived.

Life was incredibly hard for the family. Both father and mother had grown up very poor as well. Their only son, David, came to world like any other human being. But this boy, he was a prodigy in the sales department. He was seventeen.

One fine morning, David came across a small document near their village containing a peculiar job offer as a banker in the city which was far away. This job did not require the employee to be a graduate. He was exhilarated. The next Monday, they packed their bags and moved to the city.

Their farm had served them well, but it was only just the beginning of their legacy. The skyscrapers dawned over them like mountains of steel. Little did David know that his whole life would take a miraculous turn.