Ms Vasanthi Hariprakash, the well-known media personality addressed our students. Some of our students had these to share as part of their nteraction with her!

Things learnt in Ms Vasanthi ‘s session

  • I shared my thought in the session
  • It was wonderful session
  • I shared my thing in lockdown I told I learn how to make tea
  • She said about the comments on the tea in social media
  • I learnt how to become famous person.

On August the 12 th we at the Brindavan Educational Trust were graced with the presence of eminent journalist and radio jockey, Ms. Vasanthi Hariprakash. During our interaction with Ms. Hariprakash, she spoke to us about success. Citing the example of her grandmother, she elucidated that fame is not a requisite for success. According to her, one must not determine their success by measuring themselves against society’s unreasonably high standards, rather they should so against their own standards. She stated how crises are stepping stones for opportunity. She adduced how the current pandemic that has forced life to come to a standstill can be utilized as an opportunity to acquire a new skill. Before concluding the session, Ms. Hariprakash jovially answered all questions that the students had for her. It was a great pleasure and an even greater learning experience to have Ms. Hariprakash talk to us. We eagerly look forward to our future interactions.

We learnt some important parts from the Monday’s session from Vasanti ma’am:

Importance of teachers: Our teacher taught us how to lead our life, how to be success in our life and how to overcome our problems

How to lead our life
We can lead our simple life by interacting with our parents, grandparents, our uncle aunt and friends.
Reading books, playing games and going out for schools, shops, and other places also helps in leading our life. Ex the teacher explained to listen to POD Cast TV shows and see and hear them

How to be success
If we achieved our goals, we can be success in our life. By hearing and listening to teachers and parents of what they teach us helps our life to become successful

When to overcome problems
Our life comes with different problems. We can overcome them by interacting with peers, teachers, friends and other. Reading novels and other activities also helps in dealing with difficulties.