Roopa was one of the pioneers for inclusive education in Bangalore.
In the mid-eighties, she was already the Head of the very first resource room which was set up to support children with SLD in mainstream education. She earned her expertise through field experience and tutelage under Mrs. Krishnaswamy, one of the pioneers of special needs education.

In 1993, she realized that not enough awareness and support were available to children in the mainstream, consequently partnered with Gayathri Krishna to set up Brindavan. This was one of the earliest initiatives in Bangalore to support children with severe difficulties on the SLD continuum and other special educational needs.
A mentor to many generations of special needs educators and support to a vast number of parents and children. Roopa was kind, gentle, empathetic to faults, and never compromised on commitment and quality.

Her legacy and philosophy live on at Brindavan.