Qualifications: BFA degree in Pure drawing from Chitra Kala Parishat, Advance Studies in Graphic
designing; pure drawing from Concord college (California); University of Berkeley respectively.
Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from IGNOU.

Work experience: Worked as a graphic/web designer and currently working as an art teacher with
school-based services in Brindavan; Art Therapist for Sankalp Foundation, for Thalassemia pediatric

Art builds self-confidence in a way that children need. I am learning to work with the kids every day by
helping them to work from part-to-whole. I work on developing understanding different kinds of space
and medium for creative expressions.
Art helps to develop their listening skills and instructions taking ability, and in building  fine motor and
problem-solving skills. Art helps the children to express their emotions. It helps build self-esteem,
develops trust in one-self, brings joy and provides motivation for kids.