Anasuya Mishra (Mona) has a Bachelors degree in Microbiology, an MBA, a certificate in the Montessori method (Primary level) and a B.Ed.  She has learnt graphic designing from Arena. She has taught at Headstart Educational Academy (4 years) in multi-age primary classrooms and at Ekya  (JP Nagar) for two years. She is passionate about children and injecting fun activities for experiential learning. Anasuya also loves to cook and bakes on a semi-professional level. This love for cooking and children is what brought her to Brindavan. She helps children learn about the different aspects involved in cooking starting from nouns, verbs to cooking hands on. Along with cooking the children are also getting to know the science, history, chemistry and geography about the vegetables and recipe. The children are learning the requirements of a recipe, how to write/read it. Overall, these classes are meant to have happiness and satisfaction as takeaways and that is what we are getting. The children wait impatiently for the next class!